A Smart Garden

      more than just a pretty space


A SMART GARDEN offers gardening classes and hands-on workshops throughout the year on dozens of topics including:

  • Drought-tolerant Landscaping
  • Waterwise Tree & Plant Selection
  • Mediterranean & CA Native Plants
  • Basic Garden Design
  • Turf Replacement
  • Drought-proofing your Garden
  • The Importance of Trees
  • Succulent Gardening
  • Vegetable Gardening
  • Container Gardening
  • Wildlife in Your Garden: Butterflies & Birds
  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Rose Care & Pruning
  • Orchid Care & Repotting
  • Shade Gardening
  •  Houseplant Care & Design
  • Succulent Wreath Workshop
  • Terrarium Workshop
  • Vertical Garden Workshop
  • Succulent Garden Workshop
  • Herb Garden Workshop
  • Hanging Basket Workshop
  • Container Gardening Workshop
   and more!
We have collaborated with garden centers, gardening clubs, community groups and cities to present gardening classes.  We are happy to talk with your business, community group or private party about scheduling a class on a topic of your choosing at your convenience.  Click here to reach out to us!


in collaboration with Ventura Water's Free Gardening Class Series
Saturday, May 11, 2019       
10:00  - 11:30 am


Instructor:  Cari Vega
Location:  City of Ventura Public Works Maintenance Yard

                 336 Sanjon Road

                 Ventura, CA  93001

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Learn the importance of trees in a water wise landscape. This class will cover the best varieties available plus review tree planting, maintenance, watering tips and more!

Student Feedback:

"WOW!!  Thank you so much for this amazing class."--R. Farrell, Oxnard

"I've been a member for 20 years, and she was great!!  She knew her orchids and the care of them" -- M. Shull, Sherman Oaks Garden Club

"I was late in attending but I learned so much!  I enjoyed the class very much.  I wish there were more classes I could attend."  -- J. Pyles, North Hollywood

"Roses are gorgeous!  Following your pruning suggestions." -- B. Mockler, Oxnard

"I am very interested in pruning my beautiful fruit trees and ... caring for my veggies and herbs.  Thank you for these classes."  -- M. K. Sachs, Van Nuys

"Great class!  Great teacher!" -- S. Carlin, Studio City

"I enjoyed this class tremendously.  Our instructor was tremendously knowledgeable, and also obviously passionate about orchids."    -- M. Bennett, Sherman Oaks

"Great presentation.  Cari is a wonderful, vibrant educator -- and pretty and fun!" -- T. Estrada, Port Hueneme

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