A Smart Garden

      more than just a pretty space

Customer Feedback:

  • Very knowledgeable & helpful ladies today. Love all the organic plants/herbs, will be back soon, thanks !" L.W.
  • "One of my favorite places to visit. :)" - R.M.V.
  • "i enjoy your classes on Saturdays. Thank you!" - P.H.
  • "Great healthy plants! Thanks!" - H.R.
  • "Always friendly & helpful , thank you." - L.W.
  • "Very helpful caring people! Bought a pagoda lantern for my son's japanese garden to bring home. Took it to UPS to have it properly packed for the airline, and it arrived in great condition! He's going to love this! thanks again" - S.R.
  • "The class was informative and fun!" - B.O.

  • "Such a cute place, love it. Great prices and selection." - L.M.

  • "cute store. good prices" - S.P.

  • "Love your new store... makes me want to buy plants! And I really don't like gardening." - L.W.

  • "Great addition to Ventura - thanks for filling in a big gap - love Smart Garden." - S.B.

  • "Nice selection of plants!" - T.G.

  • "Lovely store....hints and tips too!!" - D.B.