A Smart Garden

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Landscape Design & Consulting Does your yard need a makeover?  Do you want lower maintenance & water savings?  Schedule an hour to come in to A Smart Garden & sit down with us to review your garden needs.  Bring in photos of your yard and we'll take it from there!  Click here to schedule a Landscape Consultation

Custom Living Centerpieces for Holidays, Birthdays, Corporate Events & More.  We'll work with your theme, colors & style to make the perfect centerpiece for your event.  Ideas include:  Succulent Wreath Candle Rings, Succulent Gardens, Holiday Color Bowls & more!   Click here to order your Custom Living Centerpiece

Interior Landscape Consulting:  Want to deck out your home or office with the best houseplants to complement your interior but not sure which ones will do best?  Schedule an hour consultation here at A Smart Garden and we'll help you come up with solutions that will thrive in your space, look fantastic and help clean the air you breathe indoors!  Click here to schedule an Interior Landscape Consultation

Custom Succulent Wreaths  If you've been wanting a living succulent wreath for your door, garden wall or tabletop centerpiece but don't want to make one yourself, we'll be happy to make it for you!  You can choose a color scheme or we'll select the best varieties available.    Click here to order a Custom Succulent Wreath